Capt. Arivananthan is a trainer, Leadership and Innovation COACH and had been an consultant and trainer since 2007. He is also a member of the Malaysian MENSA Society, Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and Institute Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL).He is a qualified trainer and is recognized by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB). He is also a certified Design Thinking Professional from Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT). He has been awarded PERDANA Award under the Industry Excellence Category for designing and conducting an innovative training methodology using Simulation Based Learning. He was a featured Speaker at TEDTALK, where he delivered a highly energetic and inspiring speech on DARE TO DECIDE.

Prior to his life as a trainer he was working as a Ship Captain on Cargo ships. He has commanded few merchant ships a position which requires dynamic leadership qualities. Since he has had experience in most of the marine adventures, he has acquired a wide and in-depth knowledge in leadership skills and unique decision-making abilities.

His vast experience has enabled him to succeed in training various companies on Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Personal Development related programs. He has developed various programs based on his real life experience combined with the management framework practised by world class standard companies and packaged it as a training module. He has also developed and conducted Leadership Development program, using gamification as the core driver to enable maximum learning for the participants. He is a dynamic and versatile speaker who is multi-lingual. He is able to conduct his courses in three languages namely English, Malay and Tamil.

As a Design Thinking Professional from MIT, he has taken up various project based learning for companies an organization. Through this Project Based Learning, he has coached and facilitated various capstone Innovation projects which in return has created positive impact in their organization. The project involves, designing new and innovative products, services, establishing IR 4.0 Initiatives, digital initiatives and innovative infrastructures which elevated the company’s performance.

He has trained more than 60,000 people of all ages and nationalities, in more than 180 large and small organizations. These people rank between Datuk’s, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Secretaries, Front Liners, Field Workers, Students and etc. Capt.Ariva crafts his every training session laced with his real life experience combined with humour and fun activities. He designs the learning experience using 3 main methodologies i.e. Game Based Learning, Project Based Learning and Simulation Based Learning. These methodologies helps the participants through behavioural change and also selectively gives positive impact in the companies ROI.



Sasintheran is a Professional Trainer certified by Human Resources Development Corporation (HRDC). He is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). He has completed Agile Leadership and Agile Project Management fundamental courses. He is also a certified ITIL® Intermediate in IT Service Management. He started his journey in the training field as a Facilitator, then as an Assistant Trainer and now he is a Professional Trainer. He has experience in training domain since year 2010. He has trained people of all ages and various ethnicities from large and small organisations. He is a dynamic, versatile and multi-lingual speaker. He is able to converse in four languages, namely English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. He has been invited as Speaker for various topics such as Design Thinking by Colleges and international schools.

His very first job out of University was for a training provider company. As a Project Head, he handled various major projects such as Undergraduate Soft Skill programme training sponsored by MDEC; Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Ideapreneur Programme 2010 (4 months project) in collaboration with Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) and MARA (MRSM); MRSM Ideapreneur Programme 2011 (10 months project) in collaboration with TPM And MARA; TeSSDE Programme 2011 (12 months project) in collaboration with MIGHT METEOR, CSS, Bocsh, TMR, Cansys Technology. Another phenomenal project under his belt during his time was “Unleash The Ideapreneur Within” program for MRSM schools. This resulted in training and coaching 4,300 students nationwide whereby the best 5 ideas were presented during “Innovation Day”, an event which was attended by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad. This gruelling role sharpen his decision, leadership, creativity and people management skills.

As a person, he was known as a person who always ready to take and face new challenges. He joined a company which offers worldwide IT, technology & enterprise products, solutions and services. From a modest post, he made his way up the ladder and was appointed as a Project Head in less than 1 year. He has developed a wide range of leadership skills communicating with technical teams and clients across four regions. He was able to develop his unique decision making skills, as he was entrusted with many critical service at risk situation. He worked extensively with customers, team leaders, and managers from various parts of world. He integrates advanced technology into training session and educating staffs on the applications. His experience and association with people from various domains help him to effectively manage people with various behaviours. During his career in IT field, he received outstanding awards which were conferred to him by Royal Dutch Shell Company, Global Shell Service Desk, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He has also developed simulation software for Tanjung Bin’s terminal operational sequence and time study for a shipping company.

As an Agile advocate he coaches and mentors’ teams with a principle that “leadership is a collective phenomenon, rather than something which resides solely with an individual in a role”. Sasi leads the team into strong accountability, being on the edge and exhibiting transparency. After number of years in training field, he began to create new and innovative indoor and outdoor games customized for an organization’s specific needs. All his training sessions are laced with humour and fun filled activities which compliments the training objective. His deep perspective, yet astounding simplicity leaves an everlasting impact on the participants. He is a man of passion and purpose, high spirited and has a never ending approach towards innovation.


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