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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and elevate mankind's leadership, emotional and financial intelligence

Our Vision

We aspire to be a world class leader in providing training, consultancy and coaching to elevate mankind's Leadership, Emotional and Financial Intelligence

Our Values

Being Innovative
Continuously Improve
Adhere Integrity
Mutual Achievement


We started off by teaching Entrepreneurship using Cashflow 101 Board Games and now, we are one of the pioneers in Malaysia to use Simulation Based Learning in soft skills education. Wealth IQ Network has travelled a long journey in empowering mankind's Leadership, emotional & Financial intelligence. See some of the highlights of our journey.

When Great Minds Meet

Our story started way back in 1996, when Capt.Ariva and Hj.Ismail sat in a cafe discussing about their lives upon finishing their degree in Nautical Science. Hj.Ismail’s passion and skills were very much leaned towards business. Whereas, Capt.Ariva’s passion towards Astronomy lead him on the path of being a Navigator on Cargo ships.

They made a pact that they will return to this same place after 10 years, holding whatever success or failure that will bring upon them at that time. After 10 years, they both met again. The ups and downs of business and the calm and rough weather of the sailing experience turned both of them into characters full of wisdom and knowledge.

Let’s Play A Game

In the year 2007, Capt.Ariva and Hj.Ismail had a clear direction and a burning passion to give back to the society on what they have learnt. Thus, an idea was born. Ismail sparked the idea by saying, “Let’s start a business and empower people to become leaders and entrepreneurs.” Capt.Ariva was equally excited and said, “I’m in! Let’s play a GAME. Let’s start this business with only RM77 and build it into a successful business just by using that RM77.”

They strategized the business, worked with Suresh Dhawan, who became Capt.Ariva’s mentor and collaborated with a few strategic business partners to fulfill their mission.

In the beginning

Our first corporate training started in 2008 with a training project that we did with Maybank Etiqa. Suresh Dhawan gave us the opportunity to participate in a proposal to train Critical Thinking for Maybank Etiqa. Using the knowledge and industry skills, Capt.Ariva designed and delivered a full Module on Critical Thinking, which became very popular. It was clear that this is the direction of the company and he pursued to do more thinking and leadership related programs.

Being a simulation powerhouse

Over the years, Wealth IQ Network has evolved itself into a more matured training powerhouse. We have come up with various types of learning methodologies to empower people in changing their behaviour and bringing value to their organizations. We have designed our very own Games and Simulations to facilitate and give the best learning experience for the participants. Normally training companies buy Simulation programs from Europe and America and become their agent here in Malaysia. We believe that Malaysians have the same capabilities and capacities to invent and innovate our own simulations. To prove this, we have invented our very own Simulations which is of a global standard in training Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Change Management and many more. Our customers love these simulations and it is one of the highly sought-after training programs that we run frequently.


Wealth IQ Network draws strength and direction from its strong, experienced management team. This team leads and inspires the Company with its significant industry and business experience.



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