Simulation Based Learning

Why Simulations For Learning?

Our Simulations leverages gamification and behavioral integration with advanced measurement. These algorithms helps to assess, and improve behavioral aspects through various learning interventions in the simulation.


How we connect The Behavioural Competencies With The Simulation?

We leverage our “unique simulated system” to allow participants to experience real-life challenges in our simulation world. Participants will interact and behave as they would in real life within the simulation platform.

In the simulation, success of these real-life like business tasks are dependent on behavioural dimensions the participants display. This aspect embeds in the minds of learners, the importance of behavioural competencies in achieving business results and the interconnectedness of the two.

Thorough gamification engages the learners and makes them participate in the process which encourages self-reflection and course-correction in a safe simulated world.

Behavioural Learning Areas


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